NCQHA Trail Ride Saddle Bags

COST OF SPONSORSHIP:  $25 - $600.  THE SADDLE BAG offers donors an opportunity to be a part of the continued growth of the NCQHA annual Trail Ride held every year in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.  Each year brings more riders and horses for a weekend of fun and fellowship along with great Bluegrass entertainment and incredible food.  

Advantages to the Opportunity:

  • Sponsor name will appear on all print materials associated with the event. 
  • Sponsor name will appear on the NCQHA website under the Event Button HUGH CAUSEY TRAIL RIDE from the time the sponsorship is received until 90 days prior to the Trail Ride date of the following year.  
  • Sponsor name will be announced every day during the Trail Ride. 
  • Sponsorships equaling $1500 qualify for Premier Level Benefits for the twelve month period. 
  • Signs and Banners will be recognize individual sponsors for contributions of Saturday Evening Meal, Blue Grass Entertainment, Lunch on the Trail, Continental Breakfast and Advertising.

Blue Grass Entertainment $600                                                                                    Continental Breakfast $100 (2)

Saturday Evening Meal $500                                                                                          Advertising and Banners $100

Lunch on the Trail $300                                                                                                  Other

 Description of the Sponsorship:

  1. When a visitor to the NCQHA website clicks on the Event Button HUGH CAUSEY TRAIL RIDE your name or logo will appear on the event page.  
  2. In addition, your name or logo will appear on the NCQHA Sponsor page of the website.  
  3. Four weeks prior to the end of your sponsorship you will receive a text or email notifying you of the need to renew.  If the renewal fee is not received within 15 days of the end of the sponsorship, your name or logo will be removed from the HUGH CAUSEY TRAIL RIDE Event Button.    
  4. Should your sponsorship lapse, you can be reinstated as a Saddle Bag sponsor by selecting a new opportunity and submitting payment.  

Click here for Sponsorship Form and payment information.