First Ever Dressage Competition at an AQHA Show

YOU are personally invited to be a part of the first ever dressage competition included at an AQHA approved show.  We have been provided with this opportunity by AQHA and we want to ask for everyone’s help to prove that dressage can be a great addition to an AQHA competition. 

This show will feature three traditional dressage “test of choice” classes each day that are exclusively for currently registered Quarter Horses.   While the classes will be run and judged according to USEF/USDF rules and procedures, eligibility will be per AQHA rules for competition.  Eligibility for these classes will follow AQHA rules for competition, exactly the same membership rules for competing at any AQHA approved event.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Teena Middleton and she will help you or get you in touch with someone that can. 

In addition to the AQHA only classes, there will be open competition in both traditional and western dressage for exhibitors of all breeds.  This show is recognized by both the NCDCTA and the EDSCTA and scores will count towards year end awards for these organizations. 

This is a great opportunity for all of us to try out western dressage. 

You can register on line at:  Stall reservations and RV hook-up reservations can be arranged through Susan Daniels.  Her phone number is 919-894-0600 and her e-mail address is  Links to the show program as well as tests for the dressage portion of the show are included in this post and on the Endless Summer Calendar entry.  Lots of good information about fees and requirements are on the traditional program (note:  drug fees are not required for all breed competitors). 

 Even if you can’t join us for the show, please share the information about this show as widely as possible and help promote it with all of your friends.  Sponsorships are of course welcomed, particularly donations of great incentive awards for our exhibitors.    

Let’s all pull together and take advantage of this historic opportunity.  I can’t wait to tell everyone that I was there when it all started.  Won’t you join me? 

Dressage At Endless Summer.pdf

Intro Tests.pdf

Training Level Tests.pdf

First Level Tests.pdf




20x60 dressage arena.pdf