No Bling Circuit

More information for 2021 shows coming soon!


Back in 2004, several NCQHA members asked:  “How can we help new exhibitors feel comfortable and confident entering their American Quarter Horse at North Carolina Quarter Horse sponsored events, without the expense of buying fancy tack and blinged-out show clothes?”   Answer:  Create a series of horse shows aimed at introducing the new or returning exhibitor to showing the Quarter Horse breed; but fancy tack and show apparel are not required.  Instead, request exhibitors wear a clean long sleeve shirt and jeans, boots, hat and clean tack; and call the shows the “No Bling” Circuit.   

The American Quarter Horse Association already offered Novice classes, which later evolved into the Level 1 category.  Soon after, AQHA introduced the Rookie category as another way to support the needs of inexperienced exhibitors entering the horse show world.  Only Level 1 and Rookie classes are offered at the No Bling shows, thus allowing exhibitors to compete across a level playing field, while continuing to learn, gain experience, and make new friends.   

Other offerings at the No Bling Shows include “Ask the Judge” and instructional clinics using our own North Carolina Professional Horsemen and women.  Many youth and amateur exhibitors started showing at the No Bling shows prior to moving on to the larger Quarter Horse breed shows.   It is a perfect opportunity to begin the journey of showing your American Quarter Horse.