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"No Bling" History


NCQHA started a series of AQHA Novice (now known as Level 1)/Rookie shows designed to encourage Youth and Amateur competitors to "get their feet wet" showing their American Quarter Horses in a sanctioned show that is fun, low-key and designed to help them prepare for participation at the larger AQHA Shows. The "No Bling" idea indicates a clean, long sleeve shirt with a collar, jeans, a hat and boots (all that's required per the AQHA Rulebook) plus no fancy tack is required. This "come as you are" concept is seen as a positive step towards allowing all levels of riders to participate. AQHA has now asked affiliate states to implement this program as well. Novice (Level 1) and Rookie participation continues to grow. High Point awards are given to the top riders at the annual banquet held in January.